VirusTotal is an online antivirus engine aggregator that could be used to health-check the downloaded WIBAMU Easy Accounts file for viruses. A small proportion of flags (opinions) from the full list of available engines should provide assurance as to validity. Alternatively a single antivirus software could be used to scan the file, for example Windows…

Customer Care Center

The MyCommerce Customer Care Center offers FAQs, order information and customer service contact information. To quickly find answers to questions about WIBAMU Easy Accounts (Pro) orders, payment and delivery: Web-based Customer Care

WIBAMU Data Location

When WIBAMU is saved, the data within the App is persisted to the user’s computer. Opening the App on a different computer or by another user would not access this data – the Ledger and Settings files can be exported if data sharing between environments is required.

Microsoft SmartScreen

Please note that you may get the Microsoft SmartScreen alert when first running the software due to the application download link not having a sufficient volume of users to establish a reputation footprint. You may also get a warning from your browser that the application is not commonly downloaded. Please Keep the download rather than…

WIBAMU Easy Accounts v4.0

Update: Now you can also ask any questions about WIBAMU Easy Accounts on Tumblr: wibamu.tumblr.com/ask

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