Microsoft SmartScreen

Please note that you may get the Microsoft SmartScreen alert when first running the software due to the application download link not having a sufficient volume of users to establish a reputation footprint. You may also get a warning from your browser that the application is not commonly downloaded. Please Keep the download rather than Discard.

The frequency test can be a “catch-22” for new small developers – a developer needing enough users to pass but users being deterred until they pass.

You can help here, by using the software! Thank you.

Clicking on More Info in the SmartScreen alert should show more details about the application. If you don’t see this option you may need to use an Administrator account due to your Windows security settings. After checking the Publisher name is exactly “Robert Walker”, to ensure the software came from us, choose the option to Run the application.

As an added security check you could run a virus scan on the file before opening, for example with VirusTotal.

The frequency downloaded test is probably a good general indicator for software reputation. However it also seems like a barrier to entry for anything small, new and different.

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